What’s the Deal with Gauntlet: Slayer Edition?


The producers from WBIE stop by to play Gauntlet and form an uneasy alliance with the GT crew.



  1. This game, is fantastic. It's enemies get bland after a while, but you can do endless dungeon mode, survival, and this game is difficult and great. However it lacks characters, and it also lacks different dungeon models. They all look the same. However, this game's co-op works excellently with like zero lag, you don't even need online either, can play it with two controllers on PC. Its really fun, and very well balanced. Its not like diablo, more like a top down beat em up and I have been desperate for one of these. Everything else about this game is down right excellent except the wizard. The wizard is poo because he is very difficult to use and his attacks are far too slow to be useful. I have a bunch of class ideas, like a ninja that is good at slowing with traps (caldrops, lol) and counters well, he uses a pair of sais. A techromancer who is a guy in a robotic suit, who uses chemistry to buff his relic abilities, so when he uses his fire ability with wind tornado, it becomes a firestorm that does DOT. or an ice storm and fire becomes electrical or something, its all about combining different abilities, works well with shitty wizard class.

  2. Good job with killing the source material and creating a game that is basically unplayable….rip gauntlet 4 quest, maybe someday the owners of the franchise will take their heads out of their asses and do a remake or a better version…

  3. My 2 cents- I like the character builds, I don't like w.o.w. feel, mostly top view not bird's eye view, sucky game ost, this seems more like a sequel to seven sorrows which was and is very sorrowful. there really needs to be a continuation of gdl here. steam is way too taxing for the average computer. should be released on more platforms.