Top 10 Souls Bosses


To honor the release of Bloodborne, we rank the best of the Souls series’ boss fights. In a world wrought with death and despair, these battles shine through the darkness.



  1. i totally want them to make a Dark Souls/Bloodborne boss only game! like super hard bosses, summon up to maybe 5 people. And you can build your character either like a souls knight or a bloodborne hunter.

  2. Dis including dlc my list

    1. Gravelord nito: because of his painful summons
    2. Chaos witch quelaag: because she was hawt
    3.sif, the great grey wolf: because I'm a animal lover and his backstory was depressing a'f
    4. False king allant: because his over powered speed and damage
    5. Ancient dragon: because he's op and he's a dragob
    6. Throne watcher and throne defender the unfair disadvantage they had

  3. I don't think that was the story of Maiden Astrea.

    I'm pretty sure it states in game that she saw the truth behind Umbasa, and that it is one and the same with the Old One, so she accepted the soul of an archdemon to better help the people of the swamp.

  4. Man I HATED Darklurker. That fight was just annoying as hell to me as a Strength build. All 3 bosses in the Dark Souls 1 DLC would be in my top 10. That was great DLC. Raime and False King would make my top 10 too.

  5. Here's my list:
    10. Nashandra
    9. Pinwheel
    8. The One Reborn
    7. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
    6. Witch of Hemwick
    5. The Duke's Dear Freja
    4. Royal Rat Authority
    3. Rom, The Vacuous Spider
    2. Bed of Chaos
    1. Ancient Dragon
    All such fair and memorable encounters.

  6. my IMO 10 🙂
    10. Micolash, host of the nightmare
    9. Gravelord Nito
    8. Father Gascoigne
    7. Great Grey Wolf Sif
    6. Vicar Amelia
    5. Gwyn, lord of cinder
    4. Gehrman, first hunter
    3. Four Kings 
    2. Sir Alonne
    1. Knight Artorias

  7. The guy who made this list probably just searched google for memorable fights in Demon Souls.. because every fight in Demon Souls is memorable.. I mean that's if this is not the top 10 hardest bosses in the Soul series.
    example. Dragon God. this beast is easy but definitely one of the most memorable. before figuring out it's easy it scares the hell out of you for it's enormous size.
    Storm King This dude is awesome to fight. i mean Near an Ocean with a great view & can only be defeated by a sword that slashes through the sky. only one word… EPIC
    False King The Demon boss who sucks your soul level… that's right Soul level.. plus his soul leaks from his shoulder giving a cool atmosphere for the fight.
    Flame Lurker – Bullshit boss… but cool..
    King Allant Mercy killing while hearing his point of view about the world… damn

    Also where is gwyn? The atmosphere & theme of that boss is just superb…. just don't parry him & feel the boss fight.

  8. My thoughts:

    10. No. The Bell Gargoyles were basically the Maneaters 2.0; lack of originality in that regard. The Bell Gargoyles may have had the effect of giving the player confidence (though I don't imagine it's fair to assume the Asylum Demon and Taurus demon DIDN'T grant confidence as well) but the Maneaters were the origin of that "oh shit" moment when the second enemy would appear and instill panic in the player. 
    9. Good. Assuming you're playing online, of course. 
    8. Good.
    7. Good.
    6. LOL Dark Souls ll. 
    5. LOL Dark Souls ll.
    4. Good.
    3. Good.
    2. LOL Dark Souls ll.
    1. Good.

    Bosses I would've added to make this list better (Bell Gargoyles and Dark Souls ll bosses removed). 
    Tower Knight (Demon's Souls); navigate to the archers, kill them while dodging Tower Knight's ranged attacks, and ultimately conclude with a 1 on 1 with the massive enemy. Epic fight with a great atmosphere; The One Reborn from Bloodborne is a cheap mimic of this fantastic fight.
    Flamelurker (Demon's Souls); arguably the hardest boss in the game, this fight was absolutely brutal. An intense, fast-paced fight with the ever so aggressive Flamelurker and his relentless, pressuring attacks. The sense of accomplishment after beating this one was ridiculous. The music only adds to the memorability.  
    Storm King (Demon's Souls); what an interesting introduction this boss had. Assuming you were a melee build like most people, you had no idea how you were going to hit this boss once you realized, after dodging(?) the onslaught of projectiles, that this thing wasn't going to land. After running around the area and discovering the Stormruler, you now had a means for fighting this thing and boy was it epic with each time you unleashed that blast of wind that would just rip through the air. 
    Old King Allant (Demon's Souls); the real final boss of Demon's Souls; another contender for the hardest boss in the game, although I personally feel that title goes to Flamelurker. This one on one fight with that dramatic, dark music with that sense of doom definitely has to be experienced to be understood. Epic, challenging, and intense. Enough said. 

    In short, less Dark Souls ll and more Demon's Souls.

  9. I agree with 8 out of 10 of your picks, but not with the order.
    The old Iron King was way more intense than Alonne, who was also way easier to beat than Artorias. I would have never ranked him higher than one of those 2.
    My number 1 pick would not be Ornstein and Smough, but Kalameet or Artorias.
    And I would have replaced the Gargoyles with the Aldia, Gwyn or Penetrator.

  10. Man I feel sorry for anyone who had to play these series of games, sure the story lines may of been that of a fantasy orgasms of a lonely 30 year old but the frustration that comes from a game or games so unfair with almost every aspect even destiny would look good

  11. And my comments have been removed because I speak the truth, make complete sense and my comments have no harassment. That is why my comments have been removed. So what is the fucking point anymore on posting my opinion?