Pop Fiction: Season 3: Episode 35: The Lost Levels


Mario goes where no plumber has gone before. Originally aired in May 2013.

Pop Fiction: http://www.gametrailers.com/shows/pop-fiction
Producer: Michael Damiani
Editor: Don Casanova
Voice: Brandon Jones



  1. Yeah, that's interesting. But in Russia there were enormous FamiCom clones, called "Dendy", "Lifa" and others. Piracy was the reason of that consoles existance. So, there were cartridges called "9999 games in 1". Can you imagine that? On these cartridges there were five or six games. Every game had a variation. There were in total 9999 variations. Every single variation contained something simillar to one of 256 secret levels. So, Russians had an opportunity to feel the pain of endless levels of Mario. That kind of cartridges were included in the box with a console in it. (None of us even heard about NES or FamiCom up to the years when the Internet appeared in our country) So, when for the World these levels were some kind of rumors or Fiction, we Russians experienced the levels on our own versions of FamiCom and that seemed normal. For a while. That ended when the Steepler company, which was the only half-legal provider of pirate cartridges and consoles intended the Enormous Pieces of Sh… i mean Enormous "Licensed Steepler Games In the Boxes!!!!" Which was some very famous games like "Mario 16" (Joe and Mac), Mario Fighter III (Street Fighter II, and yes, you could play as Mario there), Mario 6 (Tiny toon with Buster Mario and nothing else new), Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 4, Ninja RYUKENDN 3 (Not DEN, but DN) (Samurai showdown on the cover) and many others like Chip & Dale 3 (Heavy Barrel) and Darkwing Duck 2 (Super C, THAT IS TRUE!) That was hell of a 90s.

  2. Using Hexecute and a ROM/Emulator you can hack the warp zone to get to any world, including the glitch worlds.

    The spaces in memory which store the levels for the first warp zone are located at addresses 00000802 – 00000804, using a simple relative search for "432" will get you to those addresses, and luckily, those are the right ones.

    Then you can modify the hex values for those addresses to any value, a value of 24 (in hexadecimal, or 36 in decimal), will get you the minus world, and any value not corresponding to a valid world will get you a glitch world.

  3. I love these show, but I REALLY wish you would ask me before using my pictures or at the very least credit my website. I've worked hard on those and you just take them for your own use despite my disclaimer asking that you please give credit where credit is do.

  4. One of the methods to have played the other levels without cods or glitches.

    Would be the Super Joystick plug and play game.
    That hosts about 100 games, via SMB included.

    It had variations of already added input codes that allow players scrolling thru the list of games to access different parts of the game.

    Though, most were odd levels such as the caslte levels with overworld blue sky and regular enemies.

  5. So basically when tennis is put in, a check is created, but when its removed, its not deleted. And when mario bros is put in, it finds a valid check, but not from the right cartridge.

  6. You can not do the trick on original NES because if you disable the 10NES chip you essentially disconnect the reset line of the processor so the chip wouldn't reset the console but it also prevents you from reseting the system with a reset button.

  7. I've seen this hacked version of super mario bros which was EXACTLY like the normal version just with two differences. #1 the cartridge is different looking and #2 just like the end of super mario bros you can select any level from 1 to 8 but with this one you don't have to complete the game AND you can select ANY world from world 9 to world part of bush tile to world Z to world EVERYTHING! Its awesome! Its the easiest way to go to one of those "secret worlds" and there is a video about this and I will edit my comment if I can remember the video name.

  8. I wanted to post the exact same thing. seriously, I had no idea of this glitch levels thing in the original smb, and it´s a game that´s really important to me!