Pop Fiction: Season 1: Episode 11: Bigfoot


Does this legendary blurry monster make an appearance in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Episode originally aired in April 2011.

Pop Fiction: http://www.gametrailers.com/shows/pop-fiction
Producer: Michael Damiani
Editor: James Ondrey
Voice: Brandon Jones



  1. Do ratman in GTA IV. The GTA Myth's Wiki would really love it and would be honored if you guys could do this. You can use my findings (ratman documentary video i made) if need be. again, we would be greatly honored if you could do it.

  2. The funny thing is, Rockstar made the Sasquatch in GTA V say the same thing: " I've been living in these woods for thousands of years " or " Shoot me human, make it stop ". ( or something along the lines ) 

  3. you know what they should do? they should make a halloween type missions in GTA5, like going on a haunted tour, going into haunted houses, old hospitals, into the woods, and maybe bigfoot could make a cameo appearance. It'll be cool if GTA have some scary moments once in awhile.

  4. I saw something that appeared to be Bigfoot in Gta5 at this one part when ur sniping the last 3 o-Neil brothers in this forestry area, at one point I look towards the bottom thought it was a brother but then it put its arms up and disappeared on the thermal…so idk if it was but I thought there should be some investigation…maybe they put it in as a Easter egg

  5. Bigfoot is real…one of rockstars head honchos said he was in there but they took him out… But after this original comment one of the designers said that his boss told him to take him out but he didnt he just said he did, and made the encounter odds so low its almost impossible

  6. I saw bigfoot in the game!! He killed me! I used the cheat for fog and than I used a flying car in the mountains and crashed and I was walking around and I was by him and he killed me