Konami v. Kojima – GT Time Episode 51 (Mar 19 2015)


Konami’s restructuring looks like Zandatsu, Nintendo invests in new experiences, and we don’t actually have a lot of sympathy for TxK’s developer.



  1. Looking back at this episode of GT time, i am quiet disappointed with what Brandon said. Konami is in the hole they are in, because they do not respect their talent, their games legacy, nor the industry they are in. They also believe that their games can be made by anybody. Lets be real…there wont be another REAL Metal Gear after Kojima !

    One person does make a difference. Thats why there are outstanding leaders, CEOs, directors, Editors in Chief. (to direct the team) Brandon, more than anyone, should know this personally. Without the voice of GT, their is no GT ! Thats why defy didnt just replace him with a figure-head. Its also why i respect Brandon so much. He is a testament to the success of the website he founded.

    Lets remember this, the next time we try and pretend video games are just a product (like Bleach) and not an art form. Because games take advantage of freedoms that art forms entail. The day games become a meaningless product without a personal identity tied to them (such as Kojima) is the day games die.

  2. I really would hate to see the Kojima and Konami split prevent Kojima from continuing work on Silent Hills. I was extremely excited when I found out he was heading that game, and it would be heartbreaking for that to get taken away! I give a few thoughts of my own on the whole situation over of my channel. Check it out sometime!

  3. Love Kojima but he doesn't do much anymore. He walks in once a month and says yes or no to what he likes… He hasn;t made a mgs gae in  a long time, other people we don't even know create mgs, from characters, bosses, levles, story, gameplay… He's overrated He was great in mgs1 though, the rest… not so much..

  4. Kojima is totally overrated, MSG as a series is too, I don't get all the hype over it, GZ was the only thing that was decent and that was because it played like Splinter Cell and had Keifer Sutherland.

  5. I just don't understand, he was going to reinvigorate Silent Hill which would then become another money maker for Konami alongside MGS. Now they have nothing, they ruined Castlevania, ruined Silent Hill, ruined basically every good franchise they had.

    I have zero faith in MGS V getting through this unscathed though MGS died for me after 4. The real killer here is Kojima losing the Fox Engine and us gamers losing Silent Hills. PT was so good and Silent Hills was THE next gen game I was looking forward to.

    The death of the auteur in gaming. I just hope some eccentric billionaire decides to fund Kojima for as long as he wants to make games.

  6. i totally agreed with Kyle..Kojima and Del Toro's Silent Hills doesn't have to be a silent hill game.. just made it a new IP, give it a different name and called "A Hideo Kojima Game" with Del Toro name attached along with it.. guaranteed to sell copies worldwide.. anything with kojima name on it is gold, anything kojima touches is gold.. fuck konami with their Non-Kojima Metal Gear games..

  7. I think Kojima would fit in well at Nintendo, if they let him have his own studio and creative freedom, like they did with Monolithsoft. They could provide him with the financial stability and freedom, while he provides cover for a demographic Nintendo doesn't traditionally have covered.

    On the stipulation that he starts with a spiritual succesor to Zone of the Enders of course. : )

  8. Konami wants to continue making Metal Gear games but they know that he wants to leave the series. They are just doing this to pressure him into continue the series you don't see this often in games but it happens all the time in Hollywood.

    For example Dave Chappelle wanted to leave Comedy Central but they did a bunch of horseshit to pressure him to do what they wanted. They told him he was crazy and asked him to willingly go into mental care. They even went to the media to put more pressure on him having everyone believe he was a crack addict and crazy so he just walked away from 50 million dollars. This wasn't a PR stunt on his part because he hasn't returned to Hollywood since.

    They are just putting pressure on him to not leave the company it happens all the time. They didn't just take the name off the box they also went through extra work to make sure he wasn't that involved with the product. He's no longer in the position he was before. You don't just do that for any reason this is definitely something fishy. 

  9. Highest numbers of ratings bet was 12,000? That is way to low. I mean The Order 1886 26,000 ratings, Transistor has 25,000 and Assasins Creed: Black Flag has 173,000.

    Im guessing Bloodborne would probably be around at least 20,000 ratings first day. It has super hype. (not from me btw)